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Ongoing Restoration Empty Ongoing Restoration

Post  Bryanthemercman on Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:32 pm

Good Day it has now been 3 long years since "Project Elfie" now Ernie started😢 . I started with "Severn Classics"Twisted Evil  in West Midlands and moved to "Old Bones Fabrications" as some of you know after "Severn Classics" Twisted Evil  made such a poor start. I am still waiting for my day in court to hopefully get my money back however I must move on.
After a lengthy inspection it was decided that the car be stripped to a bare shell and dipped to remove and expose all the previous bodges and "Severn Classics" so called workmanship well this uncovered a multitude of horrors and several panels that would have to be replaced or fabricated.
I am pleased to say that the front sub-frame was saved and powder coated and a new rear sub-frame was purchased and also powder coated and both sub-frames where assembled with reconditioned radius arms, brake components and piping ready for mounting back into the shell when ready.      
We now are coming to the end of all the bodywork although this is still a bare shell and will have to be rustproofed and painted and sealed etc. before we can start refitting the sub-frames, electrics and engine etc. We still have to sort out the issue with the front panel as the replacement does not match the contours of the chrome grilles.
I will create a "Dropbox" folder for all to see if I get enough response from you guys.

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Ongoing Restoration Empty Re: Ongoing Restoration

Post  Big_Al_Smith on Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:16 pm

good luck with it chum - hope it all goes well

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