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Post  avvyb on Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:14 pm

Good afternoon!

As a huge Riley Elf Fan (and Sister of a former owner that spent many a day crouching up on the back seat as we hit speed bumps!!) I am now creating a Fanzine (a mini magazine specialising on a niche area/club/shared interest) as part of one of my university degree units.

I am very excited to be producing what I hope will be a high quality product with lots of character and I am very very keen to involve as many Elf owners along with their beautiful cars (or just feature the cars themselves - you don't have to feature!) you will have some beautiful photos to cherish for life (professionally shot) and I will discuss further with you but I will of course cover travel expenses/come to you etc.

If you are mid project this could also be featured or perhaps you are a former or would be owner and would just be prepared to give an interview?

Please get in touch with any questions!
I hope to hear from you all soon..



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