Headlining rod cups.

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Headlining rod cups. Empty Headlining rod cups.

Post  elfsave on Thu May 16, 2013 12:31 am

found a good replacement for the little plastic cups that fit into roof side rails,the headlining rod sits into them.
Mine are 9.2 mm outside diameter, 17.5 mm long and top hat is 17.5 mm in Diameter
The nearest I can find is at Bresco
'Snapsac' sealing sleeve, for 8.5mm panel hole, depth 16.0mm. General application.
Ref: 12445P
Austin-Morris part no. BH2475
Standard-Triumph part no. 613769
LandRover part no. MWC9917
Larger image
Price: £7.49

Pack quantity: 30

I have used these to fit my headlining. They are not as deep but it does not matter as the end of the rod does not bottom out in them.
I have some spare so if you only need a few I will sell them at cost plus postage so you don't have 18 over like I have. Paul..

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