Head Lining Fitting

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Head Lining Fitting

Post  RobBFG on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:52 pm

I'm trying to fit the Elf's new head lining and having a bit of trouble getting the wrinkles out. Unfortunately I don't have the early type two part frame , so I've had to buy a one piece to replace the tatty looking previous lining.

I've cut the new lining's loops to match the old one as the instructions said and the old one fitted all right. And, yes I know the bars are different, I have carefully kept the bars in the right order.

The problem I have is that the lining is being pulled up in the corners where the bars curve and pulling the lining tighter doesn't pull the wrinkles out. I have cut the loops back a bit further but that doesn't seem to have helped either.
Do I cut them back further or is there something else I should try first?

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