To Copy and Paste on Forum

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To Copy and Paste on Forum

Post  TONYELF on Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:56 pm

You may find it useful to print this off to help you through the the stages!
To copy/paste on forum.
Bring the screen you want up on your pc.
Put curser on the very top line of your screen. Left click so that it turns blue (may be different colour on your screen) Right click, drop down to copy and click again. It's copied now. Go back to your thread/post and make sure curser is flashing in correct place. Right click and drop down PASTE
This is a similar process to copy and past photos off face book or whoever you save your photos with.
NOW, before you send, press preview. if the copied url is highlighted you have done your trick. You can even click on that and check it works. If it has, close down that screen (top right on X in corner) and press send.

For others who may not be familiar with this type of forum. To enable you to copy/paste several photos or other typed documents.
Try this.(If like I did when I first started you could print this page for your first few attempts!)1.Minimise the screens you are using eg E/H Register and photo bucket so you now have two windows at the bottom of your screen, (or three or four if you wish)
2.Select,say E/H reg. Type out what you want to say. and minimise.
3. Select what you want to copy, as described above. Once saved,minimise the page and select the E/H page again.
4. Place Curser in correct place you want it to copy. Left click to fix it there, Right click ,drop down to paste. CHECK by clicking preview before pressing send. If the selected item does not high light then you have not done it correctly. you can then scroll down again to your message and re-do it.
It takes time and a lot of patience! but it works.
Please if anyone else knows of an easier way Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

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