Wanted bodyshell

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Wanted bodyshell Empty Wanted bodyshell

Post  lester on Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:51 am

Not been on here for ages but I have the urge for a hornet again so here goes I need a mark 3 she’ll i did have most of the parts but they were destroyed in a fire. But I won’t be beaten. I don’t mind a rough one at all


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Wanted bodyshell Empty Elf/Hornet Shell

Post  Elf Service on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:51 am

Check out this shell on eBay. it needs some repair work but may be suitable and is located in Halesowen which isn't too far from you,

Riley Elf Rolling Shell 264063605320

Hoping this helps.

Elf Service
Elf Service

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Wanted bodyshell Empty elf hornet wanted

Post  Solomike on Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:39 pm

Hi I have a 1969 elf restoration project that has stalled that may be what you are looking for
originally bought as a project to build with my son for his 15th birthday ( he is now 24 ! )
It has been stripped to a shell and had the following new parts
Left full floor ( Magnum panels )
Right ½ front floor ( Magnum panels )
Left inner & outer sills ( Hereitage panels )
Right inner & outer sills ( Heritage panels )
Left inner front flitch / door post Magnum panels )
Right inner front flitch / door post Magnum panels
Full boot floor incl battery box ( Heritage panel )
Boot floor extension ( Catmint panel)
Inner rear bulhead panel /seat back (Heritage panel)
Heel board repair panels (Heritage panels)
Pair front wings ( Magnum panels not fitted to shell )
Front Panel(Magnum ) fitted with (Catmint) conversion panel (not fitted to shell)
Windscreen suround panel (Heritage panels )
Scuttle panel inner repair panels (Magnum panels)
Upper dash rail ( heritage panel )
Doors reskinned ( magnum panels)
Roof & gutters are in excellent condition
Body still requires some welding to complete
Has 2 Bonnets 1 has repair patch,to front corner
other need small repair (same place )
2 Bootlids
Has rear valance in need of repair
2 engines & gear boxes ( 1 the original 998cc Auto that ran & drove fine when purchased
second 998 manual unknown condition ( ebay purchase )
has 2 good subframes ( WET ) c/w 5 No displacers all good, suspension was up & working when purchased ( but no connecting pipes, as at sometime in the past someone replaced them with 8mm copper central heating pipe ! )
all lights /grills x2 chrome work present dash board clocks – part dashboard ( 1 piece missing when originally purchased) green leather rear seat, 1 green leather front seat 1 red leather front seat rest of interior is present but in v poor condition ( car had been under a bush for several years before i purchased it )
if you are interseted give me a call 07920 231916 based in Redditch


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Wanted bodyshell Empty Re: Wanted bodyshell

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