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Post  elfsave on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:46 pm

I have never in 35 years of running my Hornet had much trouble with electric fuel pumps, SU and the other one made by MAP or something like that.
Before I went IMM in Ireland last May it leaked and I couldn't get it to seal. so I changed It for another I had stashed. Got there and back no trouble ( apart from ripping my exhaust off on the ferry, another story).
I always run it between Xmas and New year and no fuel again!
So decided to invest as I had Xmas cash and managed to get a Facet kit with pump , mountings,inlet with a fuel filter,and outlet. electronic unit no points. £50 Mini sport, which was £28 cheaper than mini spares as they didn't sell the kit.
Mounted it off a bracket off the floor on rubber moutings.
PROBLEM. You know the Initial noise you get when the system is filling up, well you get this all the time with a facet and when I rang up to ask if this was normal I was told yes it was.
I asked why they sell something as a replacement and it is in any way not as good as one designed 50 years ago he could not give me an answer. You won't hear it while you are running but any other time you are stuck with a drummer sat in the boot!
End of RANT! HAPPY NEW YEAR Regards, Paul.


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Fuel pump  Facet type Empty Re: Fuel pump Facet type

Post  Big_Al_Smith on Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:03 pm

sounds about right - Happy New Year back :-)

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