My '69 Elf

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My '69 Elf

Post  keithb on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:25 pm


So this is my Elf.

Riley Elf (2007ish again Very Happy)
by Keith Burden, on Flickr

Bought her back the summer of 1998.  She'd belonged to an old chap who had owned her for 21 years and had been stood stationary for 8 years.

Towed her home and did lots of work on the underside, brakes and drivetrain.  Drove about for a week in the original 1969 mode (OE engine, gearing, brakes etc) and then fitted a later (86ish) A+ 998, 8.4 discs and 12" steels with Japanese hubcaps.  I also removed the over riders as the rears were shot and I never got around to fitting them again.

That was how she stayed until now really.  I've had front shocks fitted in 2002ish (works a treat with Hydro), lots of new bits, lots of constant rust treatment, a hand resprayed front end (2006) and a couple of London to Brighton runs (2007/2008).
She also took my girlfriend to the church to become my wife (2011).

Then in 2012 an MOT tester suggested a full restoration due to the aging underside.  My wife and I were starting a family so I chose to garage the Elf for a few years whilst our lives were duly turned upside down with 2 children.

At the beginning of this year I gave up one of my time consuming sports and started playing with the Elf again.  Being stood for 5 years (in a warm/dry/carpeted garage with a fully fitted car cover) meant that she wouldn't start.   So after a new starter solenoid, starter motor, battery charge and a can of super unleaded she fired into life this Sunday.  It was genuinely emotional and the kids are now demanding trips out in the 'Brrm Brrm car' LOL.

Seen here a few Sundays ago wearing her 'standing wheels' Very Happy

Riley Elf - 2017 (on temp wheels)
by Keith Burden, on Flickr

Riley Elf - 2017 (on temp wheels)
by Keith Burden, on Flickr

I have a leaking fuel hose to replace and then she'll be off for an MOT to see what needs doing to make her road worthy again.  In the long term I'll be fitting all new brake components and might even switch down to a 7.5 disc setup (giving the option of putting 10" wheels back on).  I fancy tidying up the engine bay and boot space a bit and I'd like all the external scabs fixed.  I might buy an engine hoist and whip the engine out over the winter.

I've just purchased a few cheeky mods which I'll show when have arrived/have been fitted Smile


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