Steering column horn pick up problems

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Steering column horn pick up problems

Post  elfsave on Tue May 03, 2016 10:39 pm

I have had problems with this on and off for 25 years it is just the old mechanical way of doing things,there must be something on the market which will do the same job in such a small place.
It started when the bushes were worn which allowed movement in the inner shaft so the thing got mangled and I had bend the pick up so it would do the job, It has never really been reliable since and now the carbon bush has gone missing.
I cannot see new bits on MIni spares site so apart from a second hand column off e bay has any one got a solution. I was going to just fit a switch on the dash but I have made the effort to fit push button on the steering wheel which is not standard but looks nice. any help welcome Regards Paul.


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