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Newbie to the forum!

Post  js76 on Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:16 pm

Hi to you all,
I have just found this register, a bit late for me as I am in the final throws of putting together a Mk3 Hornet, its almost ready for the road after
a rebuild over a 10 year period! I have had several other projects on the go as well, which is why it has taken so long.
One of the others is constantly repairing/upgrading a 1970 Mini Clubman that I use for Stage rallies.
The Hornet that I have is a 3 owner car with 57k miles on it which was first registered to a vicar in Ilford 0n 1.8.1968.
It had been off the road for 12 years when I bought it and another 10 that I have had it.
The body was in real good shape for a car of that age and although requiring some new panel work, not that much really.
It still has its original wings, front panel, and even subframes and rear floors! the front floors were a bit tired and pinholed due to the hydro suspension having gone down and it was sitting front end down, so any water/condensation had gathered in the front footwells.
I have given it total makeover keeping its original looks but uprating it mechanically.
It is now sitting on dry suspension with hilo adjusters and Koni adj dampers, Cooper S 7.5" disc brakes, a 1380cc engine with a kent 286 cam,
modified head, lightened flywheel, Aldon distributor, and a SU HIF carb.
It was previously an automatic but is now fitted with a period remote box, with original diff ratio fitted so as the speedo remains correct, I
also converted it to the later type pot joints so as to be maintenace free.
It exhausts through a lcb manifold into a RC40 2 box system, sounds fruity but not loud.
It has also been converted to an alternator, but the control box remains in situ, (with no internals) to act as a terminal box so as to not require the loom altering, so easily converted back to a distributor if total original looks were required.
So as not to spoil its original looks by fitting arches to it I have sourced a set of genuine Cooper S 4.5" wheels which have been refurbed.
These allow the original hubcaps to be fitted along with a set of 165/70/10 tyres.
The interior has also been treated to a full makeover, with a new headlining, carpets and seat covers all in the original style.
It is finished off in its original colours of Snowberry White with a Trafalgar Blue roof.
All the brakes, suspension etc have been totally refurbed with new joints, bushes, cylinders etc.
It is hopefully going for its first MOT since 1993/4 in the next few days, and then with a bit of good, hopefully, I will be able to get it out on the road to find out what needs tinkering with. Usually a bit of fine tuning to the carb, timing etc to get it spot on.
And then I shall be looking for a new home for it as I have another project which has been waiting outside for some love and attention.


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