New 'digital' Mini speedometer

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New 'digital' Mini speedometer

Post  boris710 on Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:48 pm

Had this information from a member of our local Mini Forum about a completely 'new' digital center Speedo clock for Minis, Elfs & Hornets.

Now being made by a local company to me here in the UK called Caerbont Automotive Industries (formaly Smiths Instruments I think)^tfw

From what I can gather the units going to retail at approx £350 GBP and is fully programmable for wheel size, Fuel sender type, with a 'Tripmeter' and all LED illumination and indicator lights. Speed information can be from the end of your existing speedo cable (by an electronic/mechanical adaptor or by a speed sensor mounted close to a drive shaft. Full calibration of the unit can be set up for excellent accuracy for speed/distance while not 'cheap' or OE Equipment, if you want that extra special center clock more in line with todays more modern cars - this might be it !

Would I spend the £350 GBP for one - probably not as I have at least 3 possible replacement mechanical units already on my garage shelves !
.......... but in the future ??????? Who knows ! Wink bounce Very Happy

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Re: New 'digital' Mini speedometer

Post  Jared Mk3 on Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:47 am

Well that's another item added to the want list.
Jared Mk3

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