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Window Winder Wanted Empty Window Winder Wanted

Post  bmcelf on Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:21 am

I had a left side window that was hard to raise and my wife forced it a stripped out the handle (Winder).  I am looking for a replacement and don't find of the same design at the regular suppliers.  An image of my good winder is shown below.  It has a square hole in the back to fit the regulator shaft.  Another question, will the replacement metal winders fit ok with my spacer and square regulator shaft?

Window Winder Wanted Winders_zpsgmeqgfx4

Thanks for any help in locating a source for the winder.


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Window Winder Wanted Empty Re: Window Winder Wanted

Post  boris710 on Wed Oct 28, 2015 2:22 pm

Any Austin / Morris / Riley / Wolseley / British Leyland winder arrm with that type and size of 'square' fitting hole should be good.  I seem to have read somewhere on here that even early all metal Jaguar Mk2 winder handles do the job as well ?  I know that most Classic Mini handles are the same as well.

Can't help with a spare one I'm afraid but good luck with your search and if you get absolutely stuck for one I'll see what I can find over this side of the 'pond' for you.  I should imagine they are readily available on ebay but you will have to pay the shipping & packing costs as well.

Good luck


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