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Post  Hornet_auto on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:13 pm

I have a 1968 Wolesely hornet, auto. The cra is currently undergoing restoration, so I have taken out the engine. Being an auto it was quite dificult to find a puller that would fit, after much ado I eventually found one. However, the torque converter was verty hard to get off and in the process of trying the torque converter housing has broke around the top. If anyone has got one, or know of any one that has, it is proving very hard to find a replacement.
After much fustrating evenings trying to get the torque converter off, it was decided that heat would be the only way, it came off very quickly after the oxyacetylene and a hammer came down on it. This has of course become warped by the heat. So if anyone knows of anyone who has a torque converter that would also be great.
Thank you. Rose

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