1968 Hornet - MATER HAS BEEN SOLD!

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What do you guys think I should have done?

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1968 Hornet - MATER HAS BEEN SOLD!

Post  brobins2011 on Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:00 pm

Mater is the rusty pile of S....
1968 Brown Wolseley Hornet I loved him for all the time I owned him....

But realisation kicked and he would never have got finished as I wouldn't have all the equipment and skill to do it all! But mainly I got my self an Apprenticeship at Caterpillar, so I would be working long days and would not have the motivation to get him fixed up, and I would not be able to afford to pay to have him fixed up. So I have sold him....But I sold him to my dad! Yes I got him for free, sold him for £155 but that will pay for half of the cost of my new car!
I have made sure it stays in the family, and when my dad has paid £££££'s to get it fixed I can drive it Because has his own freshly restored mini so he cant drive both! But I can drive it to shows, he can drive his mini or vise versa. But I have saved my self a bundle of time, money and pain but still get to use it at weekends.
( I told him that if he were to buy from then he CAN NOT sell it unless he hits financial ruin  lol! )

Here it is......

1985 Austin Metro named "Monte" 27K original Miles pristine interior, sound body work, mint engine for just £303. Yes it is a 5 door but I prefer more doors.

I have loads more photos. This will be my daily driver from now on to get me back and forth between work, home and my apprenticeship.

Not bad for £303 i dont think.

What do you guys think?

My photobucket with all of Maters & Montes Pictures Please look!

Thanks Guys!

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