Hello again from Worcestershire

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Hello again from Worcestershire

Post  ChrisField on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:20 am

Good Day All,

I've been registered to this forum before, however I didn't use the account frequently enough and I think it became inactive, so I've set a new one up which I promise to keep on top of and update!

Some of you might recognise the name or the car as I'm also on the Riley Elf & Wosely Hornet Facebook page.

A quick background history to were the story left from previously. We acquired the Elf, which is now known as Molly, several year ago from a widow who's husband had sadly passed away leaving her with the car, she wanted it to go to someone who'd enjoy it and opposed to a dealer to make a quick buck from. All was not as it seemed and was soon apparent that a lot of work would be required, including the usual body panel replacement of both wings, both sides inner and outer A panels, both sides inner and outer sills, battery box to name just a few. other areas needed welding working or reinforcing such as the part of the tunnel were the hand brake bolts to which had split as a stress fracture. Not to mention a complete rebuild of the engine and virtually a new interior, however that's a different story. I'll put a full description of what work we've done when I get around to making a blog for the car.

Work has been slow in recent years, mainly due to my other interests which involve restoring and operating standard gauge steam locomotives at a well known heritage railway in the Midlands. secondly I've been lucky enough to get myself on a 4 year apprenticeship so this take priority and a large proportion of my time.



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