Pics from Best Side

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Pics from Best Side

Post  Rita Riley on Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:59 pm

Rita is a Grey 1965 Elf purchased via E-bay towards the end of last year
The pics on E-bay and description defiantly put her in her best light, after taking delivery it was apparent that a new front panel, rear valances and sills and a wing and A panel would be required.
The panels have now been purchased and we have also decided to replace the whole floor, Rita will be converted from wet to dry Very Happy we will also be fitting a 1275 motor and brakes sounds simple !!
On the plus side she has had one previous owner from new with just over 12,000 miles on the clock
I will be placing the engine and back sub-frame for sale on the forum if there are no takers I will try E-bay.

I will follow on with pics and questions

Rita Riley

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