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Your Inbox is full!

Post  Red Riley on Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:16 am

Are you having trouble receiving or sending private messages (PMs) on the forum? You may need to empty your message folders.

Click on the Envelope icon at the top of this page, next to where it says "You have (no) new messages."

Then look at the left of the page under the "New PM" button. You should see a message telling you that your Inbox is full, or some percentage of fullness.  

Now look through your messages and select (by ticking the SELECT box on the right) the ones you don't need to keep.

Then all the way at the bottom, click "Delete Marked" or you can "Delete All."

Now do the same thing for your Sentbox, Outbox, and Savebox. (All options at the top of the page.)

Once you've done some housecleaning, you should be able to send and receive Private Messages again.  cheers


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