South African Mk3 Locking Mechanisms

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South African Mk3 Locking Mechanisms

Post  Jared Mk3 on Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:00 pm

While cleaning the locking mechanisms for the doors and boot of my car, I noticed an emblem that appears on all of them, a WB in a box. This is how they appear on each :

The B-pillar striker/catch plate :

The door lock mechanism, with 23 and 9 upside down on either side of the emblem (the design of this emblem appears on both door locks and is different to all the others) :

The boot lock mechanism, with what looks like a 3'17083 on the right hand side (also, on one of the ears of the mounting plates, there is a 20 and 9) :

Does anyone have idea what the WB stands for and what the numbers are? I figured that some of the numbers would be manufacture date, but how would one read them? I'm just curious to know.
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