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Where to start...

Post  22Gaca on Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:36 pm

I have a 1967 Riley Elf in much need of restoration. The car has not been driven for 10 years and has just been parked in a garage.

I have never restored a car before so this very much an experimental project. I now have the time to begin restoration on the car but have no idea where to start. I realise that a lot will have to be cleaned and replaced and there are bit of welding that are needed.

But what do i do first?



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Re: Where to start...

Post  kaschperl on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:30 pm


restoring a car is not just the same everytime. It depends on the range you would like to re-built your car.

From my point of view (here in Germany), I would go through a complete restoration, because if something should be welded it needs to be painted again...

- Plan your restauration (money, space, range)
- Strip down the body (starting with the interior, screens, engine and finally undercarriage)
- Bodywork (on a rolling frame?)
- Paintwork
- Rust prevention
- Built old cleaned parts and new once together starting with...
- Rework of whole undercarriage
- Engine rework
- Interior

Do you have any help? (That would be great and saves time and prevent you from errors. Wink)
Do you know an expert in welding, painting, etc?
Do you have good tools?

You can inform you in different Oldtimer magazines (obviously Mini magazines Smile )

This is a very wide topic ..but will bring a lot of fun and experience doing things the first time. Good luck! sunny

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