Any interest in DSN window winders?

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Any interest in DSN window winders? Empty Any interest in DSN window winders?

Post  paulsminis on Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:38 am

I wanted to have some fancy door furniture for our Hornet and ordered a set of the DSN classic door handles, door pulls, and window winders. As we know, they don't have a window winder to suite the Elves/Hornets because they use a square drive, whereas all the UK minis seem to take a large hex drive on the winders. DSN does have an adaptor plate to convert the square drive to the hex drive, mainly for Aussie versions that used the square drive.

Well, it seems that what DSN didn't take into account was that our Mark III's winder mechanism has a rather bulbous protrusion that comes through the door cards quite a bit. You can see this on my Picasa page:

I have asked DSN if they could make window winders that really fit the Elf/hornet as original and not stick out so much. Their reply was that they would gladly design and produce a winder, but only in quantities. Since I don't want 20 pairs of window winders, I wonder if there is interest in the club for some window winders. If there is, I may just risk a quantity purchase.

My plan is to box up a stock window winder, complete with its escutcheon, send it to DSN and let them give me an estimate.

Let me know if there is interest, please and what finish you might be interested in -- DSN makes their line in silver, polished silver, black and red, I believe.



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Any interest in DSN window winders? Empty Re: Any interest in DSN window winders?

Post  Alex on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:22 pm

I had a chat with Dave about this at L2B - he hasn't forgotten !

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