master cylinder rebuild

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master cylinder rebuild

Post  reymondos on Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:05 pm

Bought a clutch and brake master cylinder rebuild kit for my 1961 Beach Car.

I probably ordered something wrong as the piston, seals and spring are very different to the original. They piston fits exactly.

Can I use this kit or should I order a new one?

If I order a new one ,what should I ask for?

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Re: master cylinder rebuild

Post  superworm on Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:54 am

Have a look at the Minispares website and punch in Master Cylinder in the "Search"


There are two different bore diameters (0.7" and 0.75") so that is the first criteria to look at.

If you can deduce the Part No. of your Cylinder - that may help

Other than "our" early cars, Minis have been inundated with several types of cylinder so check on the description given on Minispares site. Note there are several different kits listed so persevere with the 4 pages of items.

I have a "gut" feeling that the kit you have will work OK in your cylinder (using all the components supplied) as I considered this repair many moons ago...(don't hold me to this as it was along time ago - ensure you give the brakes a severe testing before you go on the road) but opted for a brand new "S" Cylinder as I have the "S" disc set up and properly thought that the extra reservoir space would be a good thing to have.


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